Recorded experience

Record your design or site experience here, you might need them in future in order to prevent any problems at site:

Let’s start with some problems due to some discrepancies between architectural and structural drawings:

  1. Beam widths on plans are mismatching the schedule of beams
  2. Ramp slopes are mismatching between structural and architectural drawings and between plans and sections!
  3. Upstands and downstands if concrete or block work,
  4. Columns sizes are getting reduced in upper floors in structural drawings but are same sizes in architectural drawings,
  5. Parapet heights in roof,
  6. Alignment between block work and RC walls,
  7. PT tendons and floor drains locations,

2 thoughts on “Recorded experience

  1. Eagle says:

    – Number of beams reinforcement in each row sometimes can exceed the allowable number can be fixed in a row. Beam width 400 mm and it's main bottom reinforcement is 5 T25 for example

  2. Eagle says:

    – Beam depth in slab fold might be 600 mm in the schedule of beams but in reality it should be more than that to take the full depth of the lower beam.
    – Beams supported on other beams must be checked for their depth if more than the supporting beams or not.

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