Differential elastic shortening of columns

For high rise buildings, due to higher direct stresses in columns relative to core walls, columns tend to shorten (elastic shortening) more than the core walls. This can be quite critical for the floor slabs and may cause cracking. This effect can be mitigated during construction by casting the slab at required levels over the affected column.

4 thoughts on “Differential elastic shortening of columns

  1. Eagle says:

    Hi @akthar

    I have a spreadsheet useful in seismic but not prepared by us, I can send it to you. Also I have some collection of spreadsheets for combined footings not prepared by us will try to send them to you.

    Unfortunately, cannot create spreadsheets at low/reasonable rates at this stage due to the work load and handling some custom spreadsheets for some companies.

  2. Mahmoud Shaker says:

    May you clarify this point please?
    does this mean that we will lengthen the columns at each floor by the same amount of the shortening to overcome it?

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